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How to choose the right Worldwide Travel Adapter for traveling abroad?

How to choose the right Worldwide Travel Adapter for traveling abroad?

Each country has its own specific voltage frequency and socket plug standards. When traveling abroad, tourists must consider the power requirements of electronic and electrical equipment, so it is very important to prepare suitable conversion sockets and voltage adapters.

The function of the conversion socket is to convert the electrical plugs we are using now (two flat parallel plugs and three flat eight-shaped plugs) into plug types that are compatible with sockets in other countries.

So how to buy a suitable socket converter/Travel Adapter?

Before going abroad, first understand the type of socket used in the destination. Please refer to the following figure for the type of plug and socket in the corresponding country.

Then, according to the type of plug or socket, check whether you need to bring a conversion plug or a transformer. Socket adapters and plugs have corresponding letters, and a single adapter can be used in multiple countries, for example Argentina, Albania, Brazil, Italy and Sweden can all use C adapters or the UK can use G-type socket adapters.

Each country also has corresponding voltage standards. For example, the United States and Canada use 100-127V voltage, and Europe uses 220-240V voltage.

Then check the label on the back of the device you are carrying or the voltage and current information on the power transformer to determine whether a transformer is needed. Alternatively, consult the owner's manual for electrical or power requirements. General electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc., are 110-220V wide-voltage equipment, while general electrical equipment, such as hair dryers, electric kettles, and electric toothbrushes, are fixed-voltage equipment.

Most countries use a high voltage of 220V, and most people carry a lot of wide-voltage electronics when they go abroad. So in many countries no voltage converter is needed - just a socket converter.
Hnvey multi-functional Travel Adapter has multi-national plug standards and can be used separately. No matter which country you only need to carry a conversion socket, saving space

After arriving at the destination, connect the domestic plug to the conversion socket, and then plug the socket converter into the local socket.

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