Three ways to quickly realize Wireless Screen Mirror

Three ways to quickly realize Wireless Screen Mirror

If you want to watch a movie with your family, but there is no movie you want to watch on the TV, you can use your mobile phone to cast the screen to the TV to watch together. Try these 3 practical screen Mirror methods, whether it is wireless Mirror or wired Mirror.


The Conditions for mobile screen Mirror:

  • The mobile phone and TV must be smart devices. If the TV is not a smart TV, an additional network set-top box is required to realize screen Mirror.
  • The mobile phone and smart TV need to maintain the same LAN/WiFi to realize screen Mirror.


1.The mobile phone comes with wireless screen Mirror

Most of the Android phones and Apple have integrated the wireless Mirror function in the system. As long as the TV and the mobile phone are in the same WiFi environment, turn on the screen mirroring/multi-screen interaction/casting function in the TV, and at the same time turn on the screen casting option on the phone, you can search for the device name of the TV, and click the link to successfully cast the screen.


2.APP Mirror function

Now, major video software such as Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. have integrated the screen casting function, which is generally integrated in the player interface, open any film and television drama, directly click the small TV or screen Mirror button in the video screen, click to select the TV at home, and the content will be cast on the TV, which is very simple.
If the TV is not a smart device and cannot realize smart Mirror, we can also download a wireless Mirror application in the software application of the TV, such as Lebo Mirror, and it is also very convenient to cast the screen through scanning. However, it should be noted that generally third-party screen mirroring software needs to download the screen mirroring app on both the TV and the mobile phone, and then scan the code on the TV in the mobile app to realize screen mirroring.


3.Computer Mirror

You can watch movies, pictures, etc. on your mobile phone on the computer by using the computer to cast the screen. It is also possible to display the operation interface of the mobile game on the computer more clearly. Let's see how it works now!
Method: Turn on the computer, click [Settings] - [System] - [Multiple Display Settings] - [Connect to a wireless display].
Select and click to enter [Project to this computer], then adjust the position to [All locations are available], then open the wireless connection of the mobile phone, and select the computer name to complete the Mirror.

4.Converter + HDMI cable

In addition to the above methods of wireless screen Mirror, there is another way to cast the screen from the mobile phone, that is, connect the mobile phone to the TV through a converter + HDMI cable.
Compared with wireless Mirror, wired connection is not affected by the network and has higher stability; the transmission delay is also smaller than wireless. If you want to have a better viewing effect, it is recommended that you use wired Mirror!


How to operate?

Take the most common Type-C interface mobile phone as an example. First, your mobile phone needs to support the screen expansion function. Second, ensure that your display device (TV, computer) has an HDMI interface, and then use the Hnvey Type-C to HDMI+VGA 2-in-1 converter, connect one end to the mobile phone, and the other end to plug in a high-definition cable and then connect to the display device. It can be easily realized!
This Type-C to HDMI+VGA 2-in-1 converter can not only cast the screen of a mobile phone to a TV, but also is suitable for a projector with a VGA interface, so it is possible to cast a screen of a mobile phone or a computer to a TV or a projector, plug and play, very convenient.

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