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What is a smartdoorbell ?What are the functions of the smart doorbell?

What is a smartdoorbell ?What are the functions of the smart doorbell?

Some of the security products we used in the past probably only have cameras and building intercom. With the rapid development of smart home products, many smart security categories have come to life. The smart doorbell is one product we need to know about today.


What is a smart doorbell?

The smart doorbell is a device that combines the cat's eye and the doorbell. With the help of camera monitoring, it can capture the situation of the door at any time. The biggest difference between it and the traditional cat's eye is that it can monitor the situation of the house 24/7 Synchronized to the user, it is very convenient to check the suspicious situation in front of the door by picking up the mobile phone.

Smart doorbells, when it comes to intelligence, will have electronic parts. The electronic part of the smart doorbell is the wide-angle camera. The high-end smart doorbell has PIR movement. When the doorbell detects a moving target within the visible range, the camera wakes up the host to start recording, and pushes information to the bound mobile phone or APP. You can also take local video and screenshots on your mobile phone, keep evidence, and call the police in time!


What are the functions of the smart doorbell?

  1. Photo archive function 

    When someone comes to visit but the owner is not there, it will automatically take pictures and save them, and the owner can check them freely when he comes back, without missing any important meeting; when the owner is at home, he can take pictures manually. The most important thing is: if someone rings the doorbell or stays at the door for a long time, the alarm will be triggered, and the pictures and videos of the alarm will be pushed to the mobile phone client.

  2. Remote monitoring function 

    The smart doorbell can remotely monitor the outdoor situation with the mobile phone in real time. Even if no one rings the doorbell, the indoor owner can also monitor the outdoor situation in real time.

  3. Tamper alarm function

    If someone tampers with the smart doorbell at the door, the indoor unit and outdoor unit will alarm.

  4. Infrared night vision function

    The smart doorbell can take an infrared camera, even in the dark night, you can see everything outside. At the same time, the built-in acceleration sensor can automatically broadcast the weather forecast when you go out, and make corresponding intelligent reminders, which can be described as very user-friendly.


Smart doorbell recommendation

Hnvey visual smart doorbell Camera is a high-definition surveillance camera product with intelligent recognition function. Its 720P high-definition lens and 160-degree ultra-wide-angle field of view can monitor the situation in front of the door in all directions. Through the mobile APP, users can remotely check the situation outside the door at any time and make two-way voice calls. At the same time, the product also supports human shape detection, motion detection, flash lighting and other functions to ensure the safety of your family. The easy-to-use operation interface and excellent performance make Hnvey video doorbell one of the first choices for your home security.


In short, today's smart products are rich and colorful, with various functions and forms, and are suitable for various scenarios. If you want to buy home security products, the smart doorbell is a recommended security product for beginners

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