30 Adjustable Speeds Deep Tissue Massage Gun

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17 HEADS+2 MASSAGE BALLS INCLUDED - The Percussion Massager includes market leading 17 head attachments, a tool that massages every muscle in your body, promotes blood circulation, and helps speed up both warm-up and recovery. In addition, the set includes a case that makes storage and transport easier.
2550 mAh fast charging and durable battery - the deep tissue massage gun is equipped with a 1A/25.2V adapter, which means it is charged quickly. The battery with a capacity of 2550 mAh means that the brushless, high-torque motor of this massager can be operated continuously for 6 hours.
30 ADJUSTABLE SPEED LEVELS Our handheld massager offers 30 different speed levels up to 3200RPM. Whether for muscle relaxation after training or for daily body massage, you can easily find the right vibration amplitude for you.
QUIET AND HANDY This muscle massager uses the latest noise reduction technology. Even at maximum speed, the massage gun for muscles does not exceed 60 db. Thanks to the ergonomic design, this product is also comfortable and easy to use.
12-Month Warranty, during the warranty period, if there is any quality problem with the product, we provide free replacement 
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Stay Healthy with Massage Gun

Relieve, Recover & Relax - Deep tissue massage speeds up muscle recovery & helps to treat muscle pain. It also reduces stiffness, improves flexibility & boosts the blood flow. Discover it all with our Handheld Massager massage gun. 17x included massage heads were designed to help you with all of the above & more. The choice is yours. Always Ready To Use - Each of our massage guns comes with its own sturdy carrying case. Topping that off with a long battery life, you can easily use it anywhere & anytime. The massage gun will also fit perfectly in your gym bag, backpack or a larger purse. We design top of the line products for professional athletes, sport enthusiasts as well as people that simply want to feel better. Choose your favorite attachment, pack the massage gun and go!

Why Choose Hnvey Massage Gun?

Hnvey MG003 massage gun adopts the powerful 24V hight-torque brushless motor providing high-frequency percussion, which increases blood flow to shuttle nutrients into the muscle and effectively disintegrates the lactic acid builds up during strenuous exercise as well as long sedentary hours. The deep tissue massage gun would help you relax your fascia,relieve and even prevent muscle discomforts, bringing you an incredibly therapeutic and relaxing experience.

6Pcs Interchangeable Head Attachments:

17 adjustable heads included that target a variety of muscle groups to reduce pain and stress
2 Bonus Massage Balls that enables you increase or decrease massage softness against the skin
8 Hour Battery Life! Powered by a rechargeable 2500mAh fast-charging battery
30 adjustable speed levels that enables you to target both large and small muscle groups with up to 3200 rpm
Quiet handheld muscle massager gun utilizes the latest technology in noise reduction
Portable and Lightweight reduces hand stress for longer usability
LED Touchscreen makes it easy to see the speed levels and adjust the massage gun strength
Easy to Transport with a convenient carrying case to protect your massage gun

LCD display touch screen

Screen like smartphone, which makes it an excellent experience to use. The screen shows the on / off button, battery status and the real-time levels. You can also simply increase or decrease the levels on it.

Super quiet

This massage gun makes very little noise (< 45dB). Nobody is disturbed. Just let the muscle aches go away in silence.

Battery technology

Rechargeable lithium battery with 2500 mAh, a short charging time of 3 hours offers 6-8 hours of operation, after optimization the weight of the battery is significantly reduced.

Product specification



The Material

PC alloy


DC 25.2V=1A

Battarry Capacity




What's in the box

  2. CHARGER*1


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