USB Conference Speakerphone ,360° Voice Pickup with Mute Button ,Plug & Play

Sale price$24.99
[Omnidirectional pickup mode] The UNOOE computer microphone has an omnidirectional pickup mode, with a very wide, fast and sensitive frequency response, 360-degree sound collection, and a pickup distance of 11.5 feet. It can easily capture the most subtle sound in the 360 ° direction. And make the sound louder and clearer, without echo. Microphone captures the most subtle signals and reproduces your voice as vividly as face-to-face conversation
[Best Design Principle] This Conference Microphone adopt Founder's multi-level dynamic noise reduction algorithm provides clear audio signal output. High sensitivity, fast instant response, ultra-low touch noise, the best design principle that can directly convert sound into electrical signals, reflecting the characteristics of "acoustic reproduction".
[Easy to set up] The USB interface does not require any driver, plug and play, and provides a lossless digital audio signal to the back end, which can be automatically recognized after being inserted into a computer or other equipment. You just have to wait a few seconds and run it without downloading additional drivers.
[Made from high-quality materials & beautiful appearance] The USB microphone is made of durable and high-quality metal materials. The base is equipped with non-slip pads, which can stabilize it on the table during use. It is small in size, light in weight, easy to use and does not require much space when working.
[Multipurpose]-Condenser microphone designed for office meetings, Skype, online conferences, podcast creation and negotiation, gaming, video / audio chat and other VoIP phones.