Water Heated Blanket For Bed - EMC FREE & No Electric Wire, Smart, Smooth, Hydro Heat Mat Topper Bed Warmer

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EMC FREE  & RISK-FREE  CE & FCC Certified. The hydronic heating technology (up to 149F) not only improve your sleep quality but also eliminates the risk of fire or overheating, it also prevents Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation which is a major concern with old-fashioned electric mattress pad
Touch Screen & Remote Control – Touch screen with modern baking finish panel makes the machine beautiful and easy to control. There were 5 keys on the panel: Power, Temp Up,  Timer and Sleep Mode. The temperature can be adjusted from room temperature ~149℉with an accuracy of 1℉and the timer can be adjusted from 1-24h and auto shut-off. This machine supports remote control.
Maximum comfort and quiet. HNVEY Heated pads are incredibly thin with a width of 1mm, providing maximum comfort without pinching the wires. The heating unit is also very quiet. During operation, total decibels are between 32 dB and 34 dB.
Soothing power of water. Lightweight and portable, the HNVEY Heated Mat is designed to help soothe the body with its water-heated technology. This heated mattress warmer is ideal for users suffering from muscle and joint stiffness, tension, poor sleep, etc.
Carefully selected premium cotton.We use only high-quality cotton for our heated blanket, giving you a soft and smooth touch. Our premium cotton also provides maximum comfort and breathability, so you can sleep soundly and luxuriously.
Energy saving. Our eco-friendly technology is energy efficient, saving up to 50% compared to electric heated mattress pads by recirculating hot water so you can stay warm without high heating bills.
12-Month Warranty, during the warranty period, if there is any quality problem with the product, we provide free replacement of the water heating tank and mattress

Size: Single XL 48"x71"(1.2*1.8m)

Time to Turn your best Sleep Mode On

How It Work?

Water Heated Mattress Pad included:
1. Water Chambers
2. Water Flow(water pump)
3. Temperature Control
4. Heating Element
5. Heat Regulation

The Water Heated Mattress Pad uses water chambers and heating elements to provide a warm and cozy sleep environment. A water pump circulates the water, while a controller allows you to adjust the temperature. Safety features ensure peace of mind. Sleep comfortably and wake up refreshed.

Enjoy Professional Quality Rest & Relaxation at Home!

Year-round comfort while you sleep is possible with HNVEY Mat! In addition to blissful warmth, this mattress warmer may also help you sleep deeper and reduce muscle discomfort for a restful night’s sleep. Including a bed warming topper and heating unit, the Heating system offers customized comfort unparalleled by electric blankets. The quiet heating unit features customizable settings and multiple safety features of the heated mattress pad. In addition, the Water Heated Pad also features a Rawganic topper made from 80% pure cotton for extra comfort and warmth. Never wake up cold again with HNVEY Mate!

Why Choose HNVEY's Water Heated Mattress Pad?

HNVEY Water Heated Mattress Pad. Revolutionary water heating system provides precise temperature control within ±1℉ for a warm and comfortable sleep. Safety is ensured with separate water and electricity, plus a 5-level EMD Protection System. Save 30% energy, easy control, and soft, comfy pads. 12-Month warranty. Sleep without compromise.

Exclusive Features:
  • Multiple security protections
  • Thin heating padwaterways
  • Cover edge to edge
  • Foldable and portable
  • Quiet motor at 32 dB–34 dB
  • Even heating—no cold spots
  • Natural cover made from high-quality pure cotton
  • Without fluorescent bleaching and dyeing treatments
  • Washable Mat

A Complete Suite of Bed Warmer Safety Systems

Our advanced bed warmer mattress topper includes a complete suite of safety systems, unlike electric heating pads, as it utilizes water heated technology so there are no low temperature burns. Sleep more soundly without concern!

Stay Warm without High Heating Bills

Warm yourself, not your room, with a heated mattress pad. The Hnvey bed warmer gives you the wonderful warmth you want, right where you want it. The heated mattress pad is energy efficient.

Quick & Easy No-Hassle Setup

Connect your heating unit to your ultra-slim mattress topper with our easy, one-click connector, then fill with purified drinking water, and choose the preferred settings of your bed warmer. Refill with water every 1 to 2 weeks!

What is the difference between electric and water heated mattress pads?

Here is a comparison of the differences between a water-heated blanket and a traditional electric heated blanket:

Heating Mechanism

Utilizes a water-based heating system, with warm water circulated through channels within the blanket

Uses built-in electrical wiring or coils to generate heat when plugged into an electrical outlet


Generally considered safer as there are no exposed electrical wiring

Electric blankets can cause overheating and burns ,old, damaged, or improperly used electric blankets can pose a risk for fire or burns

Energy Efficiency

More energy-efficient due to the use of warm water, which retains heat for longer periods

May consume more energy to maintain the desired temperature

Reliability during Power Outages

Can still provide warmth during power outages if the water has been pre-heated and remains warm

Relies solely on an electrical power source, making it ineffective during power outages.

Health Considerations

Some individuals may find the moist heat generated by water-based systems beneficial for relieving certain health conditions like muscle aches or joint stiffness

Does not provide the same moist heat effects as water-based systems but still offers comfort and warmth


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