Worldwide Travel Adaptor 4USB Quick Charger

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  • Powerful shell: sturdy and durable: the product body is made of high-quality environmentally friendly flame-retardant PC UL 94-V0 material, and the heat distortion temperature is 137°
  • 4 USB, 1 USB-C, 1 via adaptor on 120V outlet of adapter to charge 6 devices simultaneously with high speed.
  • Max Power 880W at 110Vac 1840W at 230Vac.
  • 5.6A large output: Type-C+4USB+8-hole socket supports simultaneous charging of 6 electronic devices and automatically matches the current.
  • Practical and large-capacity: suitable for hair dryers, large and medium-sized power electronic products, no longer have to worry about not enough sockets when traveling at home.
  • 8-hole safety door: three-proof setting (shockproof, 1MM pin, single plug-proof).
  • International compatibility: Travel power adapters and U.S./Europe/Australia/England plugs cover more than 224 countries/regions including the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, the United States, Italy, Japan, China, France, and Africa.

Product Specification

Safety Information
Rated Voltage


Rated Current:




Mental Material

Phosphor bronze

Plug Style:


Safety Information

1、This product does not convert voltage.
2、Do not use with appliances requiring earth connection.
3、Unplug adaptor when not in use.
4、Keep out of reach of children.
5、Do not expose to liquid or moisture.
6、Do not plug in appliance exceed the maximum power of the adapter.( Input Voltage: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz, 880W at 110Vac / 1840W at 230Vac )


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