Portable Red Light Therapy, 660nm 850nm for Skin Health, Body Recovery, Pain Relief (20W)

Sale price$109.99

Clinical Grade LEDs: Featuring 30 Dual Chips LEDs, our therapy delivers high irradiance of 80mW/cm2 at 6 inches, ensuring fast and effective treatment. The generous coverage area of up to 12.8*11.6 inches maximizes your comfort during sessions at home.

Convenient and Portable: Our lightweight and compact design offers unmatched convenience, allowing you to enjoy infrared light therapy wherever and whenever you like. Say goodbye to spa visits and bulky equipment – our portable device seamlessly fits into your lifestyle for effortless use.

Safe and Effective: Experience safe red and infrared light therapy with 0 EMF at 3 inches, ensuring remarkable results without any harmful side effects. Remember to wear the supplied eye protection for added safety during each session.

Scientifically Optimized Wavelengths: Harnessing clinically validated red and near-infrared wavelengths in a balanced 1:1 ratio (660 and 850 nanometers), our therapy guarantees maximum effectiveness and safety for your skin and body. The dim appearance of half LEDs is normal, as 850nm near-infrared light is not visible to the naked eye.

Multiple Health Benefits: Enjoy a range of health benefits, including improved skin health, increased blood flow, enhanced recovery, mental clarity, pain relief, optimized sleep, reduced signs of aging, and post-exercise muscle recovery. Our device offers a comprehensive wellness solution for your needs.